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Custom Software Development


Breakthrough innovations in the startup world require the technological expertise and experience to take them through the initial phases of ideation and conceptualization to realization. Whether it is a new app, a web based business or any of the emerging technology solutions, Ancubate team acts as your technology partners to help build your products from scratch.

Ancubate offer’s a variety of Product development features such as Web Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, SEO service, Industrial Training (may vary for India/US), Domain and hosting, Mentorship, Visa services.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Desktop Application
  • Automation Testing

Connecting everything and everyone!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is implemented to deliver intelligence by connecting a diverse set of devices and improve the efficiency along the way. Ancubate provides end-to-end IoT solutions that deliver connected experiences to empower smart industries & enterprises. Assets, operations, logistics and services are seamlessly integrated to provide a seamless experience across organizations.

IoT inspired products require choosing the best fit platform, technology and meticulous planning. Leverage from our partnerships with leading innovators like Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, Intel and Host of Device and Sensor Partnerships and device innovative solutions based on IoT.

We have expertise across all stages of IoT adoption and implementation, we aim to help Design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage end to end IoT processes.

  • IoT Consulting Services
  • IoT Implentation Services
  • IoT Managed Services
  • Hardware Chip Programming
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Solutions

Knowing the ‘numbers’ that matter!

Digital data is growing at a rapid rate but, it means nothing if it cannot be read, analyzed and used to take either preventive or proactive actions for business growth. Deriving insights from raw data by applying algorithmic or mechanical processes converts it to intelligent data that can transform outcomes and help businesses gain a competitive advantage. Looking for meaningful correlations and deriving inferences empowers businesses with enough data for better decision making.

At Ancubate, we enable startups to build products that are based on data analytics that add value to any business they are implemented in. They provide meaningful insights into the ‘numbers’ that matter. Our Big Data experts help implement these algorithms to unlock new business potential.

  • Power BI
  • Google Data Studio
  • Python

Cloud Solutions Anytime, Anywhere – launch for your product!

Offering flexibility, agility, scalability and responsiveness, Cloud Solutions have been known for their cost savings too. In an era where everything is ‘connected’, cloud offers advanced set of tools with shared set of configurable system resources – perfect for product ideas that need an anywhere, anytime kind of an access.

So, if your startup concept is an app that is dynamic and needs a cloud-based solution, our cloud experts can help you architect, design and code to develop and build a comprehensive cloud solution on different platforms.

At Ancubate, our cloud experts can help you design and implement an intelligent, scalable and secure cloud-based solution that is cost effective and drives high performance. Launch your startup with the right cloud-based solutions!

  • AWS Migration
  • AWS hosting
  • AWS Monitoring
  • Azure cloud Services
  • AWS Analytics

Designed for the Experience

The success of an application or website hinges on one thing – how your users experience it. UX designs go far beyond the user interface. They include an entire mindset – a visual hierarchy and a logical flow that enables customers to traverse the application seamlessly. Establishing logical relationships between the various elements of the design ensures a great user experience.

Your application and website represent your brand, hence high quality, simple and easy to use design is important. Customer attention span is short, and you must ensure a well-developed and maintained website. Investing in UI/UX is truly a game changing strategy for businesses.

  • User Interface Design
  • Web Frameworks
  • UX Strategy
  • eCommerce & B2B

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